"I met Hilah Zohar by "accident," but it turns out to have been Divine Providence. She was working as a post-partum Doula for a friend, and I was struck with her powerfully positive, warm and
healing energy simply by being in the same room. I had confided some health issues to my friend, and she suggested I ask Hilah to do lymphatic drainage massage on me. I had doubts about whether or not lymphatic drainage was a 'real" thing, but my health issues - pain, inflammation, chronic exhaustion, stiffness, joint pain, etc. - were making me so miserable I finally gave in and asked Hilah for help. I was astonished after the FIRST treatment I felt so great I was actually afraid - afraid it was a fluke! I had a second treatment a week later, and the "fluke" turned out to be the real thing. I have now had three treatments within the last four weeks, and I can honestly say that Hilah Zohar's skilled and sensitive lymphatic drainage massage powerfully and quickly transformed by health in a very real, positive way! Hilah really took the time to understand my body, my health history, and she has an amazing confluence of decades of professional experience with an instinctive gift for healing. I feel very lucky to have her as a resource and plan to continue to use her services as the most important component of my integral health and healing plan. Because of Hilah's massage therapy I am beginning to feel like a living, vital person again, and it's a very exciting feeling - to actually get RESULTS, almost immediately, and to go from feeling horrible to feeling great - it's almost shockingly wonderful. I'm grateful to her and highly recommend her services." - Lorelai Kude (as seen on YELP )