Chinese Herbal First Aid Kits

Chinese Herbal First Aid Kit Instructions

Yin Chao

Avoiding for Stopping a Cold Early
  • This remedy is 100 percent herbal, 100 percent safe
  • Begin treatment at the first sign, or during first two days, of cold or flu, or when you have been exposed to cold or flu
Specific tips:
  • Take promptly
  • Keep a dozen tablets in your car, purse, or pocket during cold and flu season
  • Begin taking tablets a half hour before entering airports, airplanes, movie theaters, or other crowded or confined places
  • At first sign of cold or flu , take six to eight tablets, then take four tablets every four hours for the rest of the day
  • For prevention take two tablets every four hours
  • This formula is considered safe for pregnancy
  • Use one tablet for every twenty five pounds of body weight
  • Crush and mix with food
Course of Use: The course of treatment is a minimum of one day and a maximum of one week per episode. Bedrest during the hours of administration, when possible is a plus.

Yunnan Paiyao

Used to stop bleeding from an open wound and promotes healing of the wound.
Dosage: Open the capsule and sprinkle powder on the open wound and apply pressure until bleeding has stopped. Contraindicated during pregnancy.

Curing Pills

This herbal wonder relieves nausea and/ or headache due to stomach flu, overeating, hangover, unfamiliar diet, motion sickness, morning sickness, simple indigestion, and the like.
Curing pills are a fixture in every Chinese medicine cabinet, and a must for world travelers. They work quickly and reliably, usually within fifteen minutes.
  • Adults – One to two vials taken with water as needed
  • Children – Use a half dose (half to one vial)
The pills may be broken up and mixed with water.

Ching Wan Hung

Used to treat any kind of burn on the body surface, including burns caused by steam, hot water, flame, hot oil, chemical burns, nuclear radiation burns (including burns from radiation therapy), sunburn, electrical burns. Also used to treat other disorders such as hemorrhoids, bedsores and diaper rash. This remedy stops pain, decreases inflammation, and promotes regeneration of damaged tissues due to burns.

After applying this ointment the pain will stop within minutes.


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